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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Consultation process?

Consultations will be drafted by the RA and posted on its website for responses from all carriers, consumers and interested parties. Prior to this there will a series of advertising relating to that consultation. There will be a deadline for responses and at the close of the consultation; responses will be posted on the RA website.

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How do I make a response?

Responses to the consultation should be filed online or electronically in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat format. Parties filing comments electronically should follow the link and click on the “Click here to submit responses” icon which appears at the top of the page. Alternatively, Comments can be submitted via email to the address below.

Comments will be made publically available by the RA on the RA website unless declared confidential. Respondents are therefore asked to separate out any confidential material into a clearly marked annexed and provide reasons why such information should be considered confidential in writing to the RA. For clarity, the names of private, individual respondents to the consultation will not be made public.

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What happens after I make a response?

The RA will make a recommendation based on the responses to the board. The board makes a general determination and gazettes in the newspaper and the RA website. Finally carriers have a deadline to implement the new regulations.

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Will my response be made public?

Yes – however your name will not be posted, just your comments

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What if I have confidential information I do not wish to publish?

If you have confidential information that you do not want to be made public then make another submission without the private information so that it can be published.

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Where do I find a decision?

On the RA website – Click here (link to RA determinations) Your Feedback No content has been provided for this page. Decisions General determination page

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How Do I Give My Opinions?

Consultation responses can be made a various was to the Regulatory Authority. RA website, Online survey or Email to

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Which countries will my unlocked cellphone or device work in?

If you are unsure whether your phone will work in the Country you are interested in, check the website of the provider(s) you plan on receiving service from to confirm the use of technology.

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