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What is Local Number Portability?

Local Number Portability (LNP) allows residential and business telephone customers to retain their existing telephone numbers when switching from one telephone or cellular service provider to another.

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How does Porting work?

The activity of moving a phone number from one provider to another is called porting. So, when you bring your number to a new provider you will be “porting in”. Customers switching from their previous provider will be “porting out” from that provider. You will also see "porting" referred to as “transferring” your number.

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When does porting become available?

Porting between cellular service providers became available from March 3rd, 2014.

Porting between fixed telephone service providers will be available from April 7th, 2014.

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What should I do to port my number?

Start by contacting the provider you wish to port your number to. You need to review the services they offer and the relevant contract agreements including the minimum contract period by going online or visiting a retail store.

When you have chosen the new service that you want, your new provider will check whether your existing number is eligible to be ported.

You need to sign a Porting Request Form to appoint the new provider as your agent to close your account with your previous provider. This form will contain important information about the porting (see below). If you are porting a fixed number you must indicate whether you want any Internet services associated with the number to be continued or also cancelled.

You will need to choose the services and features for your new account – the services and features of your old account will NOT be transferred. Contact your new provider to add any features you had previously.

Once the transfer is completed, you will be informed that you have full service with your existing phone number, and the former provider will deactivate the old service.

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What do I need to do prior to porting my number?

Keep your service active – Do not cancel the current service before switching. The number must be active to be ported.

Pay your accounts on time – Accounts must be paid by the payment deadline in order to be ported. If you have a bill where the payment is late you will be refused porting. This does not apply to pre-pay accounts.

Be ready to show the new operator your photographic ID – Take your photographic ID information to the new provider’s store or send them a copy.

Be ready to show the new provider a copy of your current bill - To make the process easier, please ensure that important information is readily available. Have a copy of your most current bill, and if possible, your contract. Read the contract carefully to learn about any applicable early termination fees and other contractual requirements like giving prior notice before termination. Providers will need your account number in order to quickly process your request.

Check your messages – Any messages stored in the network will be lost when the number is ported so be sure to listen to them just before you request porting.

Provide an alternative contact Number - Provide an alternative contact number where you can be contacted in case the port takes longer than anticipated.

Back-up ALL the contacts stored on your SIM. Write down or store contact information from your SIM and phone before beginning the porting process.

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What are the important things you need to understand about porting your number?

Only the authorised account holder can authorize porting – The store or customer service representative will accept a request for porting only from the authorized account holder. In the case of prepaid mobile services, any unused prepaid balance with the old provider will be lost on porting. In the case of fixed and post-paid mobile services, the balance of the old account including any early termination charges will need to be paid to the old provider.

Any messages on the Voice Mailbox of the old operator will be lost.

Mobile only: Any undelivered SMS and MMS being sent to a mobile number stated above will be lost after the porting process is complete.

Mobile only: The MMS service may not be available on the Recipient Network and so it may no longer be possible to use the MMS service

Mobile only: If the customer's existing handset is locked to the old provider’s network it will need to be unlocked or replaced. They may charge for unlocking.

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Should I cancel my existing services before porting my number?

NO. Your number must remain active and free from any other change orders during the porting process. Once your number successfully ports to the new provider your old provider’s account will disconnect automatically. If you do, cancel your existing services yourself, you will lose that number and you will not be able to port it.

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How long will porting between providers take?

If you request porting and the new operator forwards the request to the old provider on a working day before 9-30 am then if the new provider is ready to activate your new account as soon as the request is accepted then your new account should be working by 4pm on the same working day and the old account should be closed by 5pm on the same working day. For requests made at the weekend the porting would be completed by 5pm on Monday. Your new providers may, delay activating your new account by up to 5 working days. This will normally be done by the providers in consultation with you and for your own convenience. In the case of fixed provider the delay of up to 5 working days may be needed for the installation of a new line.

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Do I have to purchase a new mobile phone if I have a locked phone?

No. Your cellular phone provider should unlock your phone free of charge and your phone current can be used.

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Can all numbers be ported between any pair of providers?

Yes between cellular service providers but not between fixed providers. Not all fixed providers have elected to support porting in and out. This facility has been required by the Regulatory Authority and applies to:

All switching between mobile providers,

Switching from BTC, TBI, Link Bermuda, Logic, FKBNet CellOne and back.

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Am I obliged to pay my early termination fee if I am still under contract?

It will be your responsibility to review your existing contract with your old provider. You will need to fulfil any contractual obligations including payment of early cancellation fees to your old provider (if applicable), provided that your payments are not late; you can do this after the porting has taken place. It is your responsibility to pay your old provider’s invoices.

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Will the fact that I have an existing contract be a reason not to port my number?

No, provided that any existing invoice is not overdue.

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Will I experience a disruption in service when I port my number?

Not necessarily. Your new service will become active before your old service is deactivated, so you should always be able to make an outgoing call on one service or the other. During the period between your new service being activated and the old service being de-activated, incoming calls and SMS may be delivered on one network or the other depending who is calling. If possible you should keep handsets and mobiles active on both networks until the old account has been deactivated

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Will all of my added services be transferred when I port my number?

No. They will not be transferred and you will need to set them up again with your new provider. The new operator may not offer exactly the same services and you should check this before changing provider.

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Who can I contact if I have problems porting my number?

If things don't go smoothly; contact your new provider to try to resolve the problem. If that does not work, contact the Regulatory Authority for more information or register a complaint at or email

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