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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of things am I able to file a complaint about?

The Regulatory Authority intervenes when consumers have unresolved complaints against carriers. These complaints may be about, but are not limited to, telephone, mobile device, subscription TV, Internet Service and Access (Broadband) Service Providers, International Long Distance, Roaming Charges, or Billing.

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What should I do first?

Your first step is to contact your telecommunications service provider.

Before the Regulatory Authority can consider your complaint, the telecommunications service provider must be given an opportunity to resolve the matter with you.

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What if I get nowhere with my telecommunications service provider?

If your complaint remains unresolved after seven days after your initial complaint with the telecommunications service provider, you can submit a formal complaint with the Regulatory Authority.

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How do I submit my complaint?

You may submit a complaint via this web site, direct email at, by calling the Regulatory Authority on 441-405-6000 or by visiting our office in Cumberland House, 3rd Floor, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 11.

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What do I need to support my complaint?

You should be able to provide copies of any documentation relevant to your complaint e.g. bills, letter, receipts should be included to substantiate your complaint.

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Can I update my complaint with any developments?

Once you have submitted our complaint, you can update your complaint to tell us about any developments. All you need is your reference number, your name and address.

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How long does it take for the Regulatory Authority to resolve my complaint?

The complaint will be forwarded to the Telecommunications Service Provider by the Regulatory Authority for review, comment and resolution within a two week period. You will then be notified of the result. Some complaints may take longer depending on the nature of the complaint.

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What if my complaint is resolved by the Telecommunications Service Provider in the meantime?

You are asked to contact the Regulatory Authority in writing by email or call stating that the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction.

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