Consumer Protection

In accordance to the Electronic Communication Act 2011, Part 5 Section 26 and Part 14 of a Service Providers Licencespecifies obligations under consumer protection.

What Are My Rights?

Consumers are entitled to the following statutory rights when entering into a telecommunications service contract.

The Right to be Informed

It is as such the responsibility of service providers to always give accurate, sufficient and relevant information to guide consumers in making rational choices and informed decisions.

The Right to Choice

Right to access a variety of products and services at competitive prices

The Right to be Heard

The RA provides channels of expressing grievances, opinions, lodging complaints, suggesting ways of improving service delivery to customers


  • To disclosure of price, terms and conditions of service.
  • To privacy expectation and protection of their records.
  • To responsive service and fair treatment.
  • To participate in regulatory authority’s processes.
  • To accurate bills and redress.
  • To complain and a quick resolution of that complaint.
  • To reasonable requirements for service.
  • To be protected from market abuse through active oversight and enforcement.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Consumer?

Consumer Rights are best safeguarded when Consumers fulfill their responsibilities. Specifically consumers must:

  • Keep informed about service offerings as best as possible.
  • Make decisions carefully;
  • Compare price, and features before making a purchase.
  • Understand your financial capability before entering in to any contract.
  • Read your contract terms and conditions carefully and strive to understand each individual clause before entering in to any contract with a telecommunications service provider
  • Know when you contract expires.
  • Be aware that you should not be coerced to subscribe to any unwanted service.
  • Inform your service provider about your lost/stolen sim card.
  • Inform your service provider about any changes in contact details or any changes in personal circumstances which would affect your contract.
  • Be aware of the usage tariffs of any Value Added Services associated with your main account prior to using such value added services.
  • Ensure prompt payment of bills
  • Ensure that utilization of telecommunication services is not in a manner hazardous to the environment or other users.