The Regulatory Authority is the national regulating body of the electronic communications sector in Bermuda; established on January 28th, 2013.

It is an organisation which has numerous of responsibilities that relate to operators' business and residential users of communications services, specifically fixed telephone, mobile telephone, internet, long distance and pay television. We are responsible for promoting competition, protecting consumer interest and encourage innovation in the Bermuda telecommunication market. Our job involves dealing with complex regulatory matters, economics and technology and ensuring that our decisions are done fairly and in the best interest of the residents and businesses here in Bermuda.

The Regulatory Authority promotes sustainable competition in the telecommunications sector by opening the market for the purpose of enhancing consumer welfare by introducing the Integrated Communication Operating License (ICOLs). This licence provides network operators and service providers to fairly compete with each other to develop effective choice for consumers both business and residential by regulating access to networks.

We actively monitor the telecommunications industry and to intervene to protect the interests of consumers when appropriate both by establishing rules that limit the likelihood of consumer harm and assuring redress when harm occurs. The RA enforces against anti-competitive conduct; resolves interconnection and access disputes between providers and enhances the ability of users to switch providers. In a rapidly evolving sector, both in technological and commercial terms, the Regulatory Authority also provides the framework for the introduction of new and innovative services.

The RA ensure that scarce resources, such as radio spectrum, are allocated and used efficiently by conducting investigations and, as necessary, requiring that inefficiently used resources be relinquished or shared. In addition, the RA adopts policies that promote the growth of the Bermudian economy in a manner that creates employment and ownership opportunities for the people of Bermuda.